Maternity Photoshoot

We traveled north of Scottsdale to Flagstaff for our maternity photoshoot. It ended up being a great decision to get out of town and change the scenery to get these gorgeous shots! Here are some tips that we used to get our best maternity shots. I kept my outfits very simple, highlighting my pregnancy glow… Continue reading Maternity Photoshoot

Motherhood with Anxiety Disorder 

It's three a.m. My beautiful baby girl and amazing husband are both sleeping peacefully next to me. What am I still doing up? To be completely honest, tonight I'm letting my anxiety disorder get the best of me. My baby girl has her first illness and that has elevated my anxiety every day to a… Continue reading Motherhood with Anxiety Disorder¬†

How to care for baby eczema

Your beautifully soft little bundle is all of a sudden covered in bumpy, red blotches. What happened? You might be surprised to find out that 1 in 5 babies suffers from eczema. Luckily, I have had skin sensitivities since the day I was born. So I was able to identify it as soon as I… Continue reading How to care for baby eczema

Tips for taking the best photos with your baby

I spent most of my time being pregnant fantasizing about all the little things I would do every day with my daughter. One thing I always looked forward to was taking pictures of and with her. You can't hire a photographer to be there for all the moments you'll want to remember with your little… Continue reading Tips for taking the best photos with your baby